Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A break from the city

When stressed out, it's always nice to take a break from the everyday tasks you may have. It's good to relax and blow off some steam.
Valle del Cocora, Salento, Quindío (Colombia)

I started my fifth semester of university about a month ago and I can already feel my head going crazy from all the work I have on my hands, from balancing school and work, it's been stressful. So last weekend my family and I decided to take a trip to the countryside and let me tell you, it felt great!
The air free of pollution and the stunning views where the perfect scenario for relaxation.

Salento, Quindío (Colombia)
Leaving the busy streets of the city and replacing them with beautiful cold nights lit by the lights of the stars couldn't be more rewarding. I've never been to Salento (a small town in the northern part of the Quindío department in Colombia) before and it's just so beautiful and warming, you feel right at home. Every corner is filled with the aroma of freshly fried aborrajados and brewed coffee, it really is a treat for the heart. The stores are perfectly decorated with little vintage artifacts that I would love to have in my home, someday. Everything in this little town is perfect, the food, the amazingly kind people, the weather, everything about it is absolutely lovely.
*aborrajados:  ripe plantain fritters stuffed with white cheese. The plantain gives it a sweet taste while having a crunchy texture and the cheese brings the savory into the mixture. Its I definitely a delicious little treat.

I really enjoyed this time off from everything, even if it was only a few days. I really got to relax and it got me thinking that maybe I should relax a little more, otherwise I am going to go bald from so much stress. I also think I should take more trips like this, get away from all the noise and live a little.

Life becomes easier when you let go of the unnecessary stress

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