Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Broken Glass Nails

Even though flying to South Korea for a nail makeover sounds fun, not everyone has the money for it. Since this new nail trend came to our instagram feeds to make us fall in love with the trippy textures and fun colors, I know each and everyone one of us were dying to know how to make it happen. Well, I got your back with a fun an easy and affordable way to get the broken glass nail look at the comfort of your own home. The hardest thing you will have to do is cut tiny pieces of paper and I know we've all done it before, like when we were forced to make "beautiful artwork"  in elementary school for our parents to display around the house, yeah like that.

  • Thin cellophane paper (any craft store)
  • Scissors
  • Nail base Coat
  • Translucent pink nail polish
  • Glossy nail top coat

1. Cut your cellophane paper into tiny little pieces, random shapes and sizes, it makes your nail design more unique

2. Start out with clean, polish-free nails

3. Apply a base coat, in my case, I used a garlic based nail polish to help with my nail growth

4. Next, apply a pink translucent nail polish, mine has a little glow to it because of the tiny glitters it contains. You can play around with darker colors if you'd prefer, depending on the color chosen you will get different shades of "glass".

5. After applying the coat of nail polish, start adding your little pieces of cellophane paper into different directions, creating on each nail a different design. Don't worry if the pieces stick out of the nail a little, grab your scissors and cut them off.

6. Last apply a top coat to ensure that the pieces of cellophane won't come off and have a longer lasting design. Now all you have left to do is show off your new nails and your amazing skills at nail designs.

Valeria <3

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